History of Five Lakes Resort

The area that is now owned by the Kaldahl family was put together from four separate parcels of land. It was bought starting in 1932 and completed in 1940 by W.B. Bollenbach. He was a great sportsman and used it mainly for hunting and fishing for himself, his friends and for his business clients. Mr. Bollenbach managed his family business called the Johnson Well Screen Co. in St. Paul. Besides entertaining business clients here, he also had a group of friends from high school and college that always hunted at Lake Five with him. The duck hunting was fabulous here in the 40’s and 50’s. Before Mr. Bollenbach, there were several sheep farms on the property. Look for existing sheep fencing for traces of the sheep farms. Evidence shows that it was homesteaded in the mid 1800’s. There is one grave site and tombstone for “Edith Martin” on Lake Four or Fairy Lake. The dates are 1858-1868. The tombstone is located 50 feet from the chained gate near the edge of Fairy Lake. We have no other information on Edith Martin. Her cabin site was probably about 100 feet further along Fairy Lake. There is slight evidence of a half basement and foundation there.

After purchase of the property in late 1976, three existing units (1, 2 &3) were rented in 1977. The farmhouse (#8) was rented the next year. Cabin 6 & 7 were added in 1981, and #4 and #5 were added in 1985. The log home (#9) was built the winter of 88-89. #10 and 10A was built the winter of 89-90 and was first rented in July of 1990. The farmhouse was torn down in 2007 and a new double unit, 8 and 8A, were built. It is a concrete sided home with in-floor heat and was constructed with the utmost concern for building green. In 2009, the Quonset, which was once a sheep barn, was turned into a machine shed, storage unit, housekeepers shop and soon to be horse stable.

In 2012, the Barn opened for events.  It is a perfect venue space for weddings, groom’s dinner, meeting or parties.  No horses in this barn, it is just for people!